January 15, 2021
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Understanding the Differences between Power and Authority

Some people are confused about power and authority while others think that these two terms are the same. However, it is good to understand the differences between power and authority. These two actually seems the same because if a person has power, it means that he can also have the authority and vice versa. But in the video below, you can understand clearly about how these two are different. If a person is rich, does he obtain power or authority? What about the government officials?


A person is said to have power if he can influence other people to do something for him. Power is about influencing other people. For example, if a person can influence the beliefs and actions of other people, it means that he have power. There are many examples of power. As you know there are many rumors of wars these days. The nation who threat another nation have the power. Also, it is not legitimate unlike the authority.  But this cleaning company serves you best 清潔公司. As you know, there is a term political power.


What about the term authority? In terms of political authority, it is the congress that has the political authority. Authority has the right to exercise power. In other words, it is all about the rights given to a person or organization. If a person was given the authority to rule or command others, then that is authority. Best to have authority for cleaning, tips from here weblink.  For example, policemen are given the authority to arrest a criminal and politicians have the authority to speak about their goals for the improvement of a community of the nation itself.