May 28, 2020
  • Hope for economic and political freedom

The requirements to run as the next president

The presidency is one election that would be monitored by all. In whatever country it is, people monitored it as it is a big issue. Not just the citizens but also other nationalities who have interest. It is not easy to be able to run for president as you would have to pass the requirements of the people. The requirements of the law could be easier as the three major qualifications that one who will run for president of the united states must have are only three.

That is to be a natural born of the country he is running and that he must be at the age of 35. He should also be a resident of the country for not below the required 14 years. It was explained in the video very well. There could be technical difficulties then that could disallow a candidate to run for office. Those who run should have already checked that they could pass those requirements as they would be under scrutiny on every side.


If you watched the video then you can understand the other requirements that you have also to check. In most countries, they have the same requirements that one must not participate in any rebellion against the country and he is in good moral. That is why candidates could be destroyed through what they had done in the past. Politics could be said to be dirty that is why one must be prepared to face anything that could be thrown at him or her.