March 6, 2021
  • Hope for economic and political freedom

Importance Of Law

The law is very important in a society. If you will imagine that it is legal to kill, steal, or damage property of anyone then what would the world be like? That is why there is a given statement that the law is needed so that the society would not be in chaos. The people would have a guideline on how they should live and act. It is the one that gives the limit to what is normal and what is considered illegal and violation of the law.

The law is necessary so that the society would be able to live continually in some order so that it, is one that is following the rule that is set. There is a standard that is set that will serve as the guideline. Without the law, the society would not function well. The conflict would arise continually and there would be no way to solve it. It is like a jungle where everyone should learn to survive alone. As the law affects almost everything so it should be there.

There is the different department of the government that should be managed. There is the politics, society, and the economic part. In the economic part, the law is needed as there are different activities and there are also different people and they need some standard to follow. Also in the politics. One of the activities being done in the government is to pass laws so they could be used so that all will be okay.