March 6, 2021
  • Hope for economic and political freedom

Campaign Tips

It is essential that you have your own points to consider when you will run for office in the Congress. In running for government, it does not depend if you are running for a low position or high position. The things you should know is that if you could run and if you could be able to win. Even if you have the capacity financially to run but if there is no one who will vote for you then it would be meaningless.

That is why the first tip that is given is that do not run if no chance of winning.

Another important tip is that you make a calculation to see if you can have enough vote to make you win. If no one would vote you then how could you win? So it is important that before deciding to run, have a goal set on how many votes you should have and where to focus to get it.

Do not forget that you should also find a point where voters would choose you instead of the others If there is no different then your campaign is not effective.

Also, you must be established a platform for the benefit of the people and not be running for your own interests. You should become comfortable with asking for donations for your campaign as it would costs you much. It would be one that you will also do more. That is asking for something like support. You should not just stick to one point and express your dislike to others.