January 15, 2021
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Autocratic Leadership vs Participative Leadership: Which is Better?

You might be familiar with the different types of leadership. If you were given a very important role whether in a group or an organization, what type of leadership are you going to practice? Some people who just want to rule over others having the authority will surely practice autocratic leadership or authoritative leadership. But for someone who wants everyone in the group to actively participate and coordinate will rather practice democratic or participative leadership. It means that he wants everyone to also think of ideas.

Autocratic Leadership

Whether you are a student, worker, or a church manager, you might have already encountered autocratic leaders. Then, were you pleased about the type of leadership that your leader, professor, or manager practiced? In the school, sometimes the teacher would give group tasks and assign a leader. In the workplace, there are managers who were given the authority to command the employees. But take a look over this catering company that will surely amaze you by their great leadership service 茶會點心. If these leaders practice authoritative or autocratic leadership, will the members in a group or employees at workplaces obey him?

Democratic Leadership

This type of leadership is also known as participative leadership. You know what is democratic leadership, don’t you? There are democratic countries in the world. But it doesn’t mean that they fully practice democratic leadership. Usually, this is applied in smaller groups. This type of leadership is actually the most desired style of leadership according to the people who don’t want autocratic leadership. They want their leaders to listen to their opinions and suggestions regarding the best foods being serve and cater service over this company tips here caterertaiwan.com. And they will surely support their democratic leaders.