March 6, 2021
  • Hope for economic and political freedom

One of the important things needed when there is an election and a campaign would be near is to formulate the biography of the candidate. This would be one that will give a strong stand of the candidate as it would tell the public what is the achievement of the candidate and what is the works that he had done so they would have an idea what is his strong points and what he would pursue during his term in office if elected.

In any position whether local or national, a candidate must be viewed as one who should be elected.


The front of this website is Loren Hanks who is now a politician. He was contented before to work for the government and for the people as part of the military. The candidate believes that the government is one who is among still the powerful and it is a great government but because of politicians who do not consider the interests of the people so it is in the state today. Hanks is in the active duty for the military during his 25 years on the mission.

He was involved in many operations in various countries using his ability to know the Arabic language.

Even if he is still in the military, he decided to put it on hold first, and run for Congress so that he could help actively in the government as a politician who will serve the people and not the opposite where politicians like to be served by the citizens.